Dementia is a degenerative brain condition that affects memory, and causes behavioral changes. It affects people of all ages, but it's most common in older adults.

For those with dementia, it can be difficult to remember daily activities and routines or be able to communicate effectively; they may also experience a decline in their ability to perform everyday tasks such as eating and bathing.

Dementia can often be difficult for family members to handle on their own as many require frequent care, supervision and assistance with day-to-day activities like bathing, dressing and eating meals.

If you have an elderly parent who has been diagnosed with this condition recently, then there are several steps you should take before considering other options like moving them into a home for the aged or assisted living facility because these dementia care rest homes in Auckland facilities offer better care services than most nursing homes (which aren't always equipped to provide high levels of personalized attention).

What is Dementia Care Facility?

A dementia care facility is a place to go for people who need help with the daily tasks of living. It's important to note that a nursing home and a dementia care facility are not the same thing, though they're often confused because of their similarities in terms of structure and function.

In fact, some nursing homes have special wings or floors dedicated specifically to patients with Alzheimer's disease or related cognitive disorders.

While these patients may still require physical assistance from time to time (such as bathing), many can do much more on their own than those suffering from severe cases of dementia who require around-the-clock monitoring.

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Types of Dementia Care Facilities

There are several types of facilities that offer dementia care. They include:

  • Assisted living—a residential facility where the resident can live independently with basic assistance such as housekeeping and meal preparation, but may require increased supervision for activities such as medication management or personal hygiene tasks

  • Assisted living with dementia care—a residential facility that offers more intensive support services to residents with advanced dementia. Residents in this type of facility do not need any assistance when it comes to eating or dressing themselves (or other complex tasks) but may require assistance from staff members when preparing meals, taking prescribed medications, bathing or grooming themselves, managing finances and paying bills on time, remembering appointments/appointments made by family members/family members feel comfortable leaving the facility for short periods of time.

What services do Dementia Care Facilities Offer?

Dementia care facilities offer a range of services, including:

  • Medical care. This is the most obvious service offered by dementia care facilities. However, it's important to note that medical care for people with dementia should be different from general health services for others. Dementia-specific treatment focuses on preventing and managing symptoms like dehydration and infections, as well as providing support for the patient's caregiver(s).

  • Psychological services . Psychologists at dementia care facilities can work with patients who are experiencing depression or anxiety related to their condition—or they can provide counseling sessions with family members who need help coping with the disease's effects on themselves or their loved ones.

  • Social support . Some homes provide activities like music therapy or pet therapy (in which residents interact with animals) in order to stimulate the brain while reducing stress levels associated with living in an unfamiliar setting. They may also offer physical activities such as dancing lessons or cooking classes that allow residents to express themselves through movement while encouraging them to stay active despite limited mobility issues caused by dementia itself rather than arthritis or other physical limitations unrelated.


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